Tooth whitening delivers a boost for just about any mouth! Teeth become stained, and sometimes they need that little something to brighten them up and get them looking tip-top. Whitening is the answer. Painless and easy, a whiter smile will have you beaming from ear to ear in no time at all.

At Home Whitening

We will custom make you some trays, a little like mouth guards only much thinner, which you can wear in the evening or overnight filled with our special whitening gel. You have the flexibility to go as white as you like with these trays, as the longer you wear them the whiter your teeth will become. You can expect your teeth to achieve a great looking result within a couple of weeks. Of course the trays are yours to keep and can be worn again whenever you feel your teeth need brightening up, perhaps before a holiday or a wedding.

Pola office

If 2 weeks sounds like a long wait to get your teeth whiter then this might be the option for you. We will instantly whiten your teeth in surgery with an opalescence whitening procedure. We apply a whitening gel to your teeth which is accelerated under a blue light. The procedure takes about 60 minutes and you can expect a significantly whiter smile immediately afterwards.

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Opalescence & At Home

We also offer our patients the option of doing a combination of the opalescence in-surgery whitening system, and the take home custom trays. This gives you the instant whitening, and the ability to maintain your new white smile at home. We offer this package at a discount – call our friendly staff to find out more.

Teeth Whitening Costs

Take home whitening with trays, container and syringes – $295

Opalescence whitening in the surgery – $480

Opalescence and at home – $675