Cerec, or ceramic reconstruction could be the ideal choice for you. If you have any large unsightly black amalgam fillings you’d rather not see. It is also a great alternative to traditional crowns.

Gone are the days where this kind of treatment would mean two or more visits spread over a week or two. No longer will you need to take that extra time off work and no messy impressions are taken to be sent away to a laboratory while you wait patiently with a temporary crown.

Now your appointment takes only about an hour and a half, during which time we’ll remove your old filling and take a digital 3D picture of your tooth. Using computer technology we’ll custom make a ceramic replacement for the filling right here, matching the natural colour of your teeth. The result? A Mercury free, fantastic looking smile – even when you laugh out loud!

If you would like to learn more about this ground breaking technology or book a consultation for treatment with Cerec, fill out the contact form or call the practice on 09 478 5233. Many of our patients from the North Shore have benefited from state of the art Cerec treatment.